My personal space for sharing tips, ideas, techniques and discussions,
from within the depths of the FX industry is made in search of the best solutions for any FX challenge - artistic or technical!
My goal is fantastic imagery and experiences.






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What's affex?

The ideology is the website I use to share experiments, techniques, and collect information in an efficient and well designed way. It's my personal take from the experiences from the VFX industry. I hope to discuss ideas and thoughts that I find fascinating along my career development.
"There's something incredibly fascinating about VFX, creating and seeing visuals that has never been seen before!
It makes me wonder what's left to learn and discover"
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Audun Ase - Author
who am i?

About me

My name is Audun Ase. I am working as an FX Artist at Industrial Light & Magic - Vancouver.

I hope you like the page, and can find some use from it in your professional and personal work! I'm always keen on hearing thoughts and ideas from my fellow FX peers.
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